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An everyday luxury

A sweet treat that carries the name of a delicacy often called "the diamond of the kitchen" can only become the diamond of sweets. A confectionery delight like no other, chocolate truffles are associated with luxury and are wonderful as a gift. We've all had at least one, a delicate sphere, covered in chocolate or cocoa and filled with anything from the classic ganache to caramel, fruit or liqueur.

It's uncommon to find a truffle that is less than delicious, and there's a good reason why. Only the master chocolatiers are capable of such an endeavor, with few others embark on such a confectionery journey. Today, the main recipes known throughout the world are the European, the American, and last but not least, the Swiss.

The chocolate that forms the shell of the truffle can be white, dark or enriched with milk. You might also, if you're lucky enough, come across truffles so delicate they don't even have a shell, but instead are coated in the lightest cocoa powder you've ever tasted. A classic filling should be rich and creamy, with a velvety feel on the tongue.

A perfect chocolate truffle is more than a sweet treat, it's an experience. And this kind of experience can turn any normal day into a special event.

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