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And then there was candy

Did you ever think about how life was before candy was invented? Life without Internet is awful. Getting by without electricity is unbearable, and simply unimaginable. But life without candy? No such thing! Candy is just one of those things that we take for granted, because it's all around us. And life was definitely harder before that, since it all started in ancient times. Back then, everything that could be coated in honey was considered to be candy, from flowers to vegetables, fruit or nuts.

Although candy was first intended for medicinal purposes, the term was first used in the English language during the 13th century. Nowadays, candy is often referred to as sweets or confectionery and it encompasses anything from hard candy to chocolates and gummy bears, or even salty licorice.

Did you know that...

- hard candy is prepared by boiling syrups to a temperature of 160 °C (320 °F)?

- cotton candy is made from sugar that is first molten, then solidified into strands?

- marshmallow used to be made from an extract of the marshmallow plant?

- jelly beans were inspired by Turkish Delight?

- lollipops can be dated back to the Middle Ages?