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Sweet History

Did you know that Russia and Ukraine share a great sediment about Lastochka?

Lastochka is a swallow bird that is more associated with love and affection. To the Russians and Ukrainians its more than the bird itself. It is history. In 1975 the Russians in Moscow built a boat and named it MS Lastochka. To the Ukrainians this “swallow” was ‘the only pleasure motorship in Kharkiv, where it harboured.’  

Now the Russian and Ukrainian history exists in the dessert that we can have as a snack at anytime. Russia and Ukraine ha

ve turned the famous ‘Trinity Cream,’  Creme Brulee dessert into a bite size candy bar that has a bold custard and citrus flavor. The Russian Lastochka chocolate with Creme Brulee fondant  filling in a gold wr

apper makes it possible for chocolate to turn into an enchanted dream of having dessert at any time of the day.

Meanwhile the Ukrainians make the same candy bar in a blue wrapper, with the same flavours and a slight unique touch of citrus, making it known that they have what it takes to satisfy sweet teeth and your tastebuds.  

Now that they have opened doors to the world, why not try the taste of Russian and Ukrainian sweet history?