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Premium Roshen Chocolate and Sweets

Dulcefina now carries one of the best candies in the world from Roshen  Confectionery Corporation which according to the world rating Candy Industry Top 100, ranks among the top-20.

“ELEGANT, NOBLE, SOPHISTICATED,” the best description we can ever give to the premium Roshen chocolates and sweets. the Roshen products are indeed “a  noble delight for those who appreciate the taste of true chocolate and sweets.” The  ROSHEN Corporation’s head office is  located in  Kiev City, Ukraine and it has factories in Russia, Lithuania, Hungary and a butter-milk plant "Bershadmoloko". Roshen produces about 320 kinds of confectionery products such as chocolate and jelly sweets, caramel, chocolate, biscuits, wafers, sponge cakes, swiss rolls and cakes.

Dulcefina has in store products from Roshen for a low price; $9.99/Lb. Now you can taste the  premium Roshen chocolates and sweets from your local store. come to dulcefina and try the

  • Konafetto wafer roll candy with cream condensed milk,

  • mix of pectin jelly sweets in fine-crystalline sugar with natural fruit and berry juices:pear, lemon, apple, orange, strawberry and raspberry

  • Ko-ko Choco dark chocolate with a double filling of cream and orange aroma

  • Johnny Krocker wafer in a chocolate coating with a milk- vanilla filling

If you love chocolates these are treats you don’t want to miss. stop by and try this premium and sophisticated chocolates and sweets from Roshen.