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Licorice - see our inventroy

I have coined the name old fashioned to this plant as today its main use is in candies. Many people can’t tell you much about it except it is a flavored candy. They might even tell you it comes in two colors: red and black.

Licorice is a plant that has many uses. Some of the most common uses are as a flavoring for food, beverages, and tobacco. Many of this products don’t actually contain any licorice at all, they containanise oil which smells and tastes similar to black licorice.

Licorice has many benefits but it also has some negative ones. Licorice reacts with many prescription medicines so the advice of a physician should be sought before using licorice as a form of medical treatment. Overuse of Licorice may cause dangerously low levels of potassium.

Most Licorice is grown in Greece, Turkey, and some regions of Asia. Until the last few years it was mainly used in folk medicine or home remedies. There was a long list of ailments that were reported to benefit from the use of Licorice.

We will look at some uses in which you can see for yourself the wonders of this plant and question why it has been ignored over the past few years. Remember we are talking about genuine licoriceand not the imitation licorice that is sold in many places today, such as the candy used as a cough drop or for sore throat, make sure it is real and not anise oil.

used as candy, throat lozenges, and cough drops, it helps with sore throats, bronchitis, and bacterial infections. The Licorice reduces swelling by thinning the mucus build up, and helps to remove matter in the throat more effectively. It has also been found that it  reduces the effects of asthma.