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A Moment of Swirly Inspiration!

Do you ever imagine how handmade chocolate coated marshmallows taste like? There is no more reason to wonder and imagine because Dulcefina carries one of the best handmade chocolate coated marshmallow from Baru.Baru is a company with a great sense of fun and magic. They make their marshmallow coatings out of chai spices, cocoa powder and all natural flavors, i.e all their products are natural.

Dulcefina carries the vanilla bean dark chocolate marshmallows with Fleur de sel sea salt.  The Fleur de Sel sea salt from Guérande that tops the dark chocolate coated marshmallow makes it a luxurious treat. Just like the Belgians say “as long as it says BARÚ on the outside, you know you’re in for a delicious treat!” The moment I took a bite I knew the Belgians were right. This treat is awesome. Baru surely rolls innovation and indulgence into one. I dare you to visit Dulcefina and have just one…