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I got the chance to see my two-year old son's reaction to our store, Dulcefina Chocolate and Sweets. It was nearing the end of the day and my mother in law had come to pick me up with a very special little guest named Thomas. He was very happy to see me, then he saw his environment and his eyes widened with awe as he saw how much candy he had in his reach

He grabbed the first beautiful candy he saw, which was one of our harder Canadian nougats by Golden Bonbon and ran right up to me to have it unwrapped. Being in a candy store can be very exciting for someone so young who has never seen chocolate in mass quantities, so after saying please, I unwrapped the nougat and watched him shove the whole thing right in his mouth. After a good second of trying to chew, he discovered that he really likes maple flavored nougat! So now, when I walk through the door, he gives me a big hug and says "Chocolate?" in hopes that I brought home more goodies for him. His favorite so far is the Red Ridinghood chocolate we have available from the Rotfront company in Russia. Dulcefina Chocolate and Sweets is defintiely the place to find something for little mouths (and big ones) to enjoy!