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Every party needs to have a fair amount of candy. That's common sense and we don't need to emphasize on that. A cake is also mandatory at any decent party. But sometimes, it's too much hassle to find the perfect cake and get an appropriate selection of candy to satisfy everyone's taste.

Here's a brilliant idea that is sure to knock everyone's socks off. Why not have the best of both worlds and serve a cake that's made exclusively out of candy? It's so much fun making one, and even more fun picking your favourites from the cake.

All you need is some cardboard or styrofoam for the base, some glue and, well, a lot of candy! Any kind will do, as long as it's wrapped in a way that can be included in the structure of the cake. First of all, glue your bases as to create as many layers as you want. Next, try to sort the candy you have based on shape and color, so as to be easier to glue together on the cake. You can either make same-colored layers or try to mix and match the colors as prettier as you want, there's no limits to your imagination! Glue the candy from the bottom up, starting with the bigger pieces and filling the gaps with the smaller ones. Work your way to the top and save the best looking ones to make an arrangement on the very top of the cake. A cute selection of lollipops would be perfect for it.

Make sure all the candy stays in place for when you move the cake for the party. At the same time, the candy should be easy to take out from the cake, so your guests don't struggle too long to get their favourites from the ensemble. The best way is to keep the candy in place with ribbons or colored strips of paper that match the colors of the wrappers.

This is an amazing way to get the kids involved in making the cake. They will get really excited to pick their favorite candy, and it’s a great opportunity to let them be as creative as they want. It’s all fun and games with candy cakes!