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Valentine's candy tricks

Valentine's day - you either dread it or look forward to it all year long. But no matter which side you're on, you are most likely expected to give your significant other something that expresses your love and affection.

You don't even need statistics to figure out which are some of the most popular gifts on Valentine's day. But if you must know, it's candy. Of course, cards and flowers are also highly appreciated, but you cannot eat any of those, can you? The fun thing about candy is that you can figure out original ways of expressing your love through small pieces of sweets. Here's some ideas!

The "surprise romantic getaway candy:" You've put a lot of time and effort into planning the perfect Valentine's day romantic getaway, so the hard part is over. Now, you most likely want to create a moment to reveal the surprise as special as the surprise itself, but how to do that? Well, let's say your little vacation involves endless days spent on the beach in sunny Brazil, eating tropical fruit and dancing. Why not prepare a little package of Brazilian candy, and put the plane tickets at the bottom? You can buy online candy from Brazil, Italy, France and even Russia, so finding the right assortment will be no problem at all.

The "I love you this amount" candy:" Ok, maybe your loved one doesn't get so excited for a handful of candy, and rightfully so. But imagine a scenario in which he or she arrives home tired after a day at work, opens the door and is startled by a sea of colorful candy all over the house. While it is a wonderful surprise with a wow factor, it's quite easy to plan - buying online bulk candy is the best way to do it, a few bags in various colors should do the trick. You can them arrange them in different sized recipients or pour them all over the bed, whatever works for both of you.

The "You deserve the best" candy:" One sure way to impress your significant other is by carefully selecting sweet high quality specialities from different countries, nicely wrapped and luxurious. We're talking Belgian chocolates, French pralines, Italian truffles and all the best looking candy you can find online. It will make you look thoughtful and with excellent taste, and that's easily achievable with a couple of clicks.

The "Our love is classic" chocolates:" If you plan to keep it simple and classy this year, there's nothing more appropriate than a box of chocolates. You can go for classic flavors or you can spice it up with some more interesting liquor filled, chilli topped, sea salt sprinkled varieties that you can buy online. Make sure you get some chocolates that you both like, because chocolate boxes are meant to be shared, right?