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I love candy, especially if it’s something unique I’ve never tried before.  My passion is for flavors that no one would think to put together to create a work of art for the tastebuds. It reflects in my cooking and how passionate I am about some of the different selections we have available in Dulcefina Chocolate and Sweets.

One such chocolate that falls into this category is our Monardo Chocolate Bergamot praline. It’s part of our more gourmet line of chocolates and for good reason. Being familiar only with bergamot oil that I use sometimes for aromatherapy, I would have never paired it with chocolate. When I bit into it, I was pleased and surprised at how refreshing and light the citrus-like filling was with the dark, creamy chocolate. It was incredibly good and if it wasn’t part of our exclusive Italian chocolate line, I’d purchase it by the pallet.

Another favorite flavor I’ve found is one of the delicious Parisian caramels that are also part of our gourmet line. The gingerbread flavored caramel by Paris Caramels is the perfect stocking stuffer for the holidays this year and is a great nostalgic treat for anytime of the year. The warm ginger flavor in combination with the sweetness of vanilla caramel makes this bite feel like you’re eating a cookie fresh from the oven. Dulcefina has many of the familiar tastes we all love and the exotic flavors we would journey across the earth to find. And they can all be found here at Dulcefina Chocolate and Sweets!

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