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Sweet, sweet baby shower!

Baby showers are one more occasion to celebrate and have loads of fun before the little one comes. And there's no room for seriousness. Whimsical, colorful or chic are just a few words that can describe your baby shower, but the sky's the limit when it comes to ideas. And among platters of finger sandwiches, cupcakes and other nibbles, the centerpiece will always be the candy buffet.

The best thing about a candy buffet is the fact that you can decorate it to your own liking. If you're throwing a color-coordinated shower, the candy buffet can take any color you want - candy comes in any color, form or shape. You can find huge amounts of all-blue or all-pink bulk candy, lollies or jelly beans. Or you can always decide not to settle for one color and have a rainbow candy buffet - plenty of choices there as well.

    • If you don't know where to start, here's some candy bar essentials:
    • Pretty jars filled with twisted candy - a must if you plan on taking lots of funny photos
    • Jelly beans - pretty much everyone loves them, and they come in every color
    • A candy bouquet out of lollipops - to tie the whole candy buffet together
    • Colored mints - to freshen up in between snacks
    • Old-fashioned hard candy - nothing beats vintage candy wrappers when it comes to looking pretty
    • Rock candy sticks - go for white or golden brown for a classy look, or  any crazy color that matches the rest
    • Chocolate - from delicate truffles to chunky chocolate bars, anything is allowed


After you decide on one or more colors, choosing the candy will be a piece of cake. You'll know your candy bar is perfect when you get a sugar rush just by looking at it!