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I have a great perspective when it comes to mixing flavors and making them fresh and delicious; I live with a bartender. The father of my child is a career bartender and server, and through him I learned how to appreciate the art of mixology. He taught me there’s more to alcohol than whiskey and soda.

Working with chocolate and desserts, I’ve found that many different candies derive some of their inspiration from spirits and liquor. Dulcefina Chocolate and Sweets currently has one chocolate that I have fallen in love with and many may already know the name: Lindt Lindor truffles. I knew that they made many varieties, but once I tried the Irish Cream Lindor truffle, I knew I found the right candy to pair with an Irish Coffee. They compliment each other so well, the flavors just blend together. And the Irish Cream truffle is excellent with any form of coffee, Irish-ised or not.

Another favorite of mine you can find in Dulcefina is our dark chocolate Limoncello praline. It has a delicious, light flavored filling of lemon surrounded by dark chocolate. I can easily see this decadent dessert pairing with many drinks, from Sangria to a fruity margarita and any other fruit flavored drinks in need of a sweet counterpart.

Stop in and see what flavors we can mix up for you at Dulcefina!