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European Candyland

I want you to remember the last time you bought some candy. You probably walked into your local supermarket one evening with your grocery list, and after getting all the essentials you stopped for a second in front of the candy aisle and grabbed a couple of whatever candy you're used to binge-eat every night in front of the TV. While eating late night candy is something that you can't really control, you can at least feel fancier next time you find yourself doing it. What if you tried something different each week, like pretending you're on a tasting trip around Europe and you get to sample only the best candy each country has to offer. So let's take a quick tour to find the best candy and chocolates you can find online!

Belgian Chocolate

With its international popularity dating back centuries ago, it clearly is something that needs to be on top of your list. Just by looking up online Belgian Chocolate your taste buds start becoming restless. From classic dark chocolate to chocolate pralines shaped like little seahorses, this little country has a lot to offer as far as endorphin stimulation goes. Go for some Dolfin dark chocolate with lemon and ginger, if you're feeling adventurous.


Swiss Chocolate

Once you arrive at this level, you need to pause and savor the delight of Swiss chocolate. And we’re mostly talking about Lindt here, with all of its incredibly delicious varieties. From Lindor truffles with creamy fillings to intensely flavoured dark chocolate bars and tiny napolitains ready to be paired with a cup of espresso, Swiss chocolate is nothing short of amazing. Just look up online Swiss chocolate, learn about its history and get yourself a handful of truffles immediately.

Italian Chocolate

Italians have more fun, or that's how it seems from the food that made them famous. The amazing range of coffee or liqueur filledcandy that comes from Italy and you can buy online is almost overwhelming, and we haven't even 

begun to describe the gianduja pralines! Italian candy will easily become one of your favorites, starting with Lavazza candy and finishing with anything that Caffarel makes: we're talking Limoncello dark chocolate pralines, lemon jellies and all the gianduja pralines you can eat.

Ukrainian Candy

Your trip through European candyland can now go further to the East and stop for a brief moment in Ukraine. There may be a lotyou don't know about Ukrainian candy, so look it up online and you will surely come across some amazing fruit jelly candy, like the ones from Zheleshka, and the yummy variety of chocolates and pralines that AVK has to offer. Ukrainian candy is probably the best candy you haven't tasted yet.

Finnish Candy

Are you ready for the grand finale? After all the great candy you've tried so far, the ending must be spectacular and ut of the ordinary, which means it's time for the great salty licorice from Finland! A quick research online on Finnish candy leads you to discover a wonderful and elegant shiny black variety of salty licorice that doesn't taste like anything you've tried before. While being an acquired taste, Finnish black licorice is something you definitely need to acquire. Try the Finnska mild versions, for beginners, and work your way up to the saltier varieties.