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Dress is white, candies are plenty

I hear your wedding is coming up. How are the preparations going? Got the flowers, cake and bridesmaids' dresses sorted out? Everything will be perfect and everybody will love it.

Of course, your wedding is and should only be around you and your significant other. But you can't help thinking about all the people you want to please, and you're sure that it's impossible to make everyone happy. Or is it? Let us give you a hint. Actually, it's more than a hint, it's the solution - candy. It comes in all shapes and flavors, sizes and forms, it can match the colors that you've chosen so carefully for your wedding and, most importantly, everyone is crazy about it. And there's only so many ways to make candy work at your wedding! Place a couple of heart-shaped mints on the table for each guest, get personalized candy favors or go all the way and have an exquisite candy bar with every candy you can think of.

But before you get all excited and start ordering tons of candy, keep in mind a few things. First of all, when it comes to colors, choose wisely. Color coordinated candy looks marvelous, so have a look at some color samples, and mix and match until you get perfection.

Quantity matters! Do a rough estimate before you order and try to figure out how much candy you will actually need for all your guests. Then add a bit more to that amount, because the last thing you want is people haggling over candy. Make sure you have enough so that people can take some candy home if they want to. Beautiful candy can also be a nice memory to take with them.

Keep in mind that some people have specific dietary needs. You should consider labeling everything beforehand and make sure you have something for everyone. Gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan and candies that contain no traces of peanuts should be on your list.

Find some nice containers with scoops, so people can help themselves. Prepare some smaller cups or bags for the candy as well, for taking home or simply carrying from the buffet to the table.

Don't worry too much though. Just make sure you cover all the basics and everything will work smoothly. Don't forget that it's your wedding, and this is the perfect opportunity to get creative and have fun!