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Quick and easy Lindor Truffle Cupcake recipe with amazingly decadent results that are sure to please all of your guests from children to grandparents.  I made these cupcakes this weekend and I was not disappointed and neither was the family!
First choose your Lindt Lindor Truffles, they can be all the same, all different flavors or choose a few flavors that will go with the batter and frosting you desire.  Just follow the directions on a boxed cake recipe for cupcakes, make your own favorite homemade recipe or search the internet for many other choices including the tested recipes out there have added pudding to the recipe.  After baking the cupcakes for 5 minutes, insert the unwrapped Lindt Truffles in the middle and push down far enough but so you can still see the top third of the truffle.  Then finish baking the cupcakes per the recipe and possibly leave in the oven an extra minute or two, but check that they do not over bake.  Cool completely on a wire rack and frost with your favorite frosting.  Top with Kakao Berlin Premium Dark Chocolate Micro Chips, another Lindt Truffle, sprinkles, nuts or all of the above! These are truly amazing, easy to bake and even the kids can help!
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