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This is not your typical candy shop. And we are not your typical businessmen.
his is a place where you can find enough candy for a lifetime, from all around the world. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? Hold that thought and let’s get back to us for a minute.

Even by our own estimation the most unlikely pair of guys to open a sweet and candy shop is us, Daniel  & Nir . One has an affinity for strange and “unique” food but is also half color blind, has had diabetes for over 30 years and sustained a harsh diet that consist of low sugar and “healthy” cardboard-ish food, while the other is a below average cook with an above average IQ, and a long history in high tech & business and a lifelong misguided food fussiness.

At first glance, you might wonder if we are good candidates for a sweets store, but this is not about us, we did not set up to make sweets or to even pretend to be an authority on what’s good. Instead, we set out to bring you the best-est, unique-est and fun-est candies that we can find around the world, in any category of sweets relying on the conventional wisdom and taste of our customers, consumers, bloggers, reviewers, importers, wholesalers and manufacturers of the world.

We once tried our hands in professional pastry kitchens and failed miserably. Ever since, confectionary has been fascinating and frustrating. We started to idolize the great people who are actually able to make pastries and, ultimately, candy. What's more awesome than creating sweets from a handful of ingredients? Sweets are for everyone, and are varied in taste, shape, flavor and color for every woman, man and child and for every pocket, event, occasion, need, taste or feeling. And this is what we love about them.

Let’s take a quick look on how we got here. We were both born in Israel, grew up on a farm where we used to milk cows and work on the corn field. Then we moved to New York City and went in a whole different direction. Better said, directions! Just look at our job history: trucking, warehousing, house painting, renovation, kitchen installation, we sold fresh squeezed orange juice from Florida to the best restaurant in New York, managed a coffee house in the SoHo and worked at one of the finest wine stores in the city. We basically did everything!

We might have done many similar things, but there's some things that we didn't share. For instance, Nir has a background in cooking and specialty food retailing. And Daniel is a business executive, financial and mortgage expert who appreciates good coffee and good wine. He's had his fair share of studies in architecture and computer science, but his main passion will always be his family. And chocolate, which he has had daily for almost all his life!

Also, we might not always see eye to eye on everything. Like for instance, Daniel is always Mr moderation, while Nir is no stranger to going to extremes. This is because Daniel shoots from the head and Nir from the stomach. That's why we never get bored with our job.

Are you still wondering why we got into this business, after all? Well, have you ever thought of how much candy people eat? Huge amounts! But they always eat the same brands, over and over again, reluctant to try something different. So we wanted to introduce people to the insanely amazing sweets from all over the world. Because some of the best sweets come from places many have never thought of. Not even us!

We have pledged to go out there and find the best candy from all over the world, then bring it all back, put it all in one place and make that place the best place in the world. And then you could just look around, find what you like, and, before you know it, get all the yumminess delivered right to your door.

Sounds pretty good, right? But there's more!

Join our DulceCube Club and be among the ones who know how to appreciate the finest sweets. The perks of joining? You'll get a "Sweet and Story" package delivered to your house once a month, with handpicked sweets that best represent a region or a special type of candy.There's literally nothing bad we, or anyone, could ever say about candy. Especially when it's the best of the best. We should know.